The Gemini Moon

Gemini is a sign associated with the mind, communication and shape
shifting.  Who is better able to change and inspire our thinking than a
gifted orator or poet?  For this reason,  I associate  Odin with Gemini,
though Hermes or Mercury is more commonly given rulership over this
sign. Odin is the god of storytellers and bards, magicians and shamans.
He is the guardian of the crossroads for travelers and tourists. Gemini is a
traveling sign, whether physically or mentally it expands our perspective.
                                        Gemini Wish Ritual
To prepare you will need:
A large bowl
A wooden spoon
A sifter or colander
As many of the following herbs as you can find…cardamon, cinnamon,
basil, fennel, clover, ginger, marjoram, tea, catnip, jasmine, ginseng,
lavender, peppermint, sage, cloves.

This is a simple spell but you can make it into an all-out ritual. It is best
performed when the moon is waxing, unless you are wishing to banish a

Place all the ingredients into the bowl. Stir and grind them with the spoon.
Continue to grind and blend until everything is mixed into a coarse
substance. There should be no large pieces. It should be grainy and
powder like.

Dump the substance into the colander or sifter and gently shake it back
and forth over another bowl. The finest powder will get through the sifter
but the large pieces will not. What you should have when you are finished
is at least a handful of herbal wish powder.

Go out on a nice day to perform the spell. Windy days are perfect. Find a
nice clearing and take your wish powder with you in a pouch. Take a  
handful and say a chant. It's best that you write your own so you can state
the specific need of the wish. Make SURE you are very clear about what
you wish for and how you want to get it. Throw powder to the wind and let
it carry your wish away to come true.
             Thank you, Lady of the Earth for the inspiration
Gemini Wish Ritual