Wesak Ritual
  & Visualization

On the Scorpio Full Moon with the Sun in Taurus
Wesak Ritual and Visulaization

Any time up to 12 hours prior to, or 12 hours after the full moon, you may want to arrange for either a
private or group ritual that will be aligned with and empowered by those spiritual beings around the
world participating in the Wesak Festival.
    A variety of elements may be useful in celebrating Wesak:

  • Cleanse and purify prior to the ritual through a ritual herbal bath, purification meditation, and / or a
    walk in nature.

  • Sanctify the ritual space by: smudging with sage, or spritzing with sage water, using incense, and
    playing reflective or uplifting recorded / live music.

  • Create an altar:  Include representations of the elements, fire, earth, air and water.  You may want to
    include figures representing Buddha, Christ, ascended masters, yoginis, angels and goddesses as
    well as a ceremonial bowl filled with spring water.  Rose quartz is a nice amplifier of the Wisdom –
    Love energy.  Flowers such as roses, or gardenias may be placed on the altar or in the water to
    further impart the energy of love and beauty.  The bowl of water remains on the altar throughout the
    ritual and meditation.  When the meditation / visualization is complete then the water is vibrationally
    charged and ready for drinking.  Water that is left over may be bottled for future use or pored into a
    river or stream with the intention to spread the Wesak vibrations to all sentient beings.

  • Consecrate the space and time with a group prayer, invocation, sacred sounds, bells, drums, and /
    or singing a song or chant.

Now take to a moment read aloud the following visualization if in a group setting or to yourself if alone.  
Place yourself in the valley, feel the coarse grass under your feet, smell the cool mountain air, hear the
hum of voices talking low, use all your senses.

  •  Relax your body, calm your emotions, and clear your mind. Let yourself grow more peaceful.

  •  Call your soul to you and imagine blending with it.  It does not matter if you can see or sense your
    soul in any way for it to be present and working with you.

  • Imagine that with your inner eyes, you can sense or see the souls of everyone who is joining
    together for this meditation. Join in the magnetic call that is going out to the souls of all
    lightworkers, inviting them to be a part of this call to the Great Ones to release energies that will
    help humanity. Sense more and more lightworkers joining this group.  Greet these souls with love,
    and picture the beautiful light and field of magnetic love that all of you are creating together.

  • Picture being joined by many Masters and Beings of Light as you call upon the Great Ones.  The
    group light is now composed of lightworkers, and of those evolved souls who are ahead on the
    path, both those in a physical body and those who are helping from the other side, including the
    Masters and Enlightened Ones. Everyone has a sincere, focused intent of working together as a
    group to receive and transmit powerful spiritual energies to humanity.

  • Right at the time of the full moon, imagine that Buddha descends from a high place for a few
    minutes, joined by the World Teacher of Love.  They transmit two streams of spiritual energy - light
    and love - to the Masters, who then transmit it to all lightworkers who are present as souls.  This is
    the energy that is needed for the evolution of humanity.  

  • Receive this energy into your head center and into your heart center.  Feel yourself surrounded by
    light and love.  This new level of light and love comes first into your soul, and then into your

  • Finish by sounding an "om." Imagine joining thousands around the world to send the energy you
    have received to them.  See the entire planet enveloped in Loves- light.

The Wesak Legend Visualization

There is a green valley, high in the foothills of the Himalayan-Tibet ranges. Towering mountains surround
the valley on all sides except towards the northeast, where there is a narrow opening in the mountain
ranges.  The valley is bottle-shaped with the neck of the bottle to the northeast, and it widens
considerably towards the south. Up towards the northern end, close to the neck of the bottle, there a
huge flat rock. There are no trees or shrubs in the valley, only a kind of coarse grass.
At the time of the full moon of Taurus, pilgrims from the surrounding districts begin to gather. The holy
men and the lamas find their way into the valley and fill the southern and the middle parts, leaving the
northeastern end relatively free. It is there that a group of great wisdom beings who are the guardians on
Earth of God's plan gather together.  This group of enlightened ones are the main participants in The
Wesak Festival. They arrange themselves in the northeastern end of the valley in concentric circles, and
prepare for a great act of service. In front of the rock where a large crystal bowl with water is placed,
stands the three great Lords; the Christ, who is centre, with the Lord of living forms, Manu, standing on
his right and the Lord of civilization, Mahachohan, who stands to His left. Gathered behind them are the
masters and adepts, and other planetary lightworkers.  Some are present in their physical bodies while
others are in their spirit bodies.
As the hour of the full moon approaches, a stillness settles down upon the crowd, and all look towards
the northeast. Certain ritualistic movements take place, in which the grouped Masters and their disciples
of all ranks take up symbolic positions, and form on the floor of the valley such significant symbols as the
five-pointed star, with The Christ standing at the highest point; of a triangle, with The Christ at the apex;
or a cross, and other well known formations, all of which have a deep and potent meaning. This is all
done to the sound of chanted words and esoteric phrases.
The expectancy in the waiting, onlooking crowd becomes very great, and the tension is real and
increasing. Through the entire body of people there seems to be felt a stimulation or potent vibration
which has the effect of awakening the souls of those present, fusing and blending the group into one
united whole, and lifting all into a great act of spiritual demand, readiness, and expectancy. It is the climax
of the world's aspiration focussed in this waiting group. These three words — demand, readiness and
expectancy — best describe the atmosphere surrounding those present in this secret valley. The
chanting and the rhythmic weaving grows stronger, and all the participants and the watching crowd raise
their eyes towards the sky in the direction of the narrow part of the valley. Just a few minutes before the
exact time of the full moon, in the far distance, a tiny speck can be seen in the sky. It comes nearer and
nearer, and grows in clarity and definiteness of outline, until the form of The Buddha can be seen, seated
in the cross-legged position, clad in his saffron-colored robe, bathed in light and color, and with his hand
extended in blessing.
When The Buddha arrives at a point exactly over the great rock, hovering there in the air over the heads
of The Three Great Lords, a great mantram, used only once a year, at The Festival, is intoned by The
Christ, and the entire group of people in the valley fall upon their faces. This invocation sets up a great
vibration or thought current which is of such potency that it reaches up from the group of aspirants,
disciples and initiates who employ it, to the Being we know as God. It marks the supreme moment of
intensive spiritual effort throughout the entire year, and the spiritual vitalization of humanity and the
spiritual effects last throughout the succeeding months. The effect of this great Invocation is universal
and serves to link us up with that cosmic center of spiritual force from which all created beings have
come. The blessing is poured forth, and The Christ, as the representative of humanity, receives it in trust,
for distribution.
Thus, so the legend is, The Buddha returns once a year to bless the world, transmitting renewed spiritual
life, through The Christ. Slowly then The Buddha recedes into the distance, until again only a faint speck
can be seen in the sky, and this eventually disappears. The whole ceremonial blessing, from the time of
the first appearance in the distance until the moment The Buddha fades out of view, takes just eight
The Buddha's annual sacrifice for humanity (for He comes back only at great cost) is over, and He returns
again to that high place where He works and waits. Year after year He comes back in blessing; year after
year, He and His great brother, The Christ, work in the closest cooperation for the spiritual benefit of
humanity. In these two great Sons of God have been focussed two aspects of divine life, and They act
together as Custodians of the highest type of spiritual force to which our humanity can respond. Through
The Buddha, the wisdom of God is poured forth. Through The Christ, the love of God is manifested in
humanity, and it is this wisdom and love which pour forth upon humanity each Wesak full moon.
When The Buddha has again disappeared, the crowd rise to their feet; the water in the bowl is distributed
in tiny portions to the Masters, initiates and disciples, and they then go their way to their place of service.
The crowd, who have all brought their little cups and vessels of water, drink of them and share with
others. In this beautiful "water ceremony of communion" is portrayed the symbol of the new age which is
upon us.
In this ceremony is perpetuated for us the story of the universality of God's love, the need for our
individual purification, and the opportunity to share with each other that which belongs to all. The water,
which has been magnetized by the presence of The Buddha and of The Christ, carries certain properties
and virtues of a healing and helpful nature.   Thus blessed, the crowd silently disperses.

**From "The Wesak Festival" booklet by Alice A. Bailey

Who are these great Lives, also called the Great Ones? They are the Beings of Light who include the
Masters and Enlightened Ones, as well as those who are even more evolved.  Although they never
interfere with free will, they can be called upon to assist humanity to evolve, to live as souls, and to
assist humanity in lifting some of the conditions present. They cannot help until their help is requested by
a group, for the energy they send is so powerful it must be received by a large group of people, who will
then be able to make changes in their own lives and become transmitters of this energy to others.
The Great Ones work through those who call upon them and can hear and respond to the energies they
are transmitting. They respond only to group need and lend their assistance when called upon by enough
sincere people. They are in touch with the highest forces of light, and can work from these high levels to
help humanity create powerful changes.
Join all lightworkers to call upon the Great Ones during this special time of the Wesak Festival of Light