Grounding Tree

By: Ingrid Jeffries

Get comfortable.  Become aware of your body.  Breathe deeply into
your belly… as you exhale say AHHHHHH.  If you notice tense
places breathe into them and visualize white light dissolving
them.  Let your awareness scan your body from head to toe feeling
yourself deeply relaxing as you continue to breathe deeply for
nine breathes.  Imagine that you can feel life force energy flowing
smoothly and freely through your entire body, from head to toe.  
Relax your mind; it is just another muscle in your body.  Do not
hold onto any thoughts.  You can let everything go now,

Imagine yourself as a big beautiful tree
Feel how strong and straight your trunk is
Feel your roots traveling from the base of your spine
Deep into the earth.
Feel the warmth and security the Earth provides
Notice how stable you feel with your roots deep in the earth.
Even as the wind rustles your branhes.
Breath deeply….
Drink up through your roots the nourishing green
gold light energy of Mother Earth.
Draw this golden energy up your roots, up your trunk,
to a circular opening at your Heart center
Notice how this opening or hollow place is like a womb.
Growing inside this opening at your heart center
is a pink lotus flower
Emanating the most wonderful scent and pink light.
This light radiates peace and wisdom.
Breathe deeply.
Breathe in the beauty, peace and well being
of this flower’s essence.

Now, take your consciousness up the trunk of this tree that is you
To the highest branches that sprout out of the crown of your head,
To the very tips reaching up into the star studded Galaxy
Breathe deeply.
Breathe in the cool starlight
Breath in soft white wisdom light
Breathe it down through your crown to the sacred heart center
where the pink lotus grows nurtured by the green gold Earth

As the white light of the Universe commingles with the green gold
light of the Earth at your heart center,
A huge diamond bursts forth
Radiating billions of rainbows
This rainbow light emanates from your heart center
As loving wisdom made physically manifest.

Imagine this rainbow light flowing out from your heart center as a
stream of loving wisdom spreading peace and well being
wherever you are.  
Imagine it tapping into a grid of loving heart energies
that encircle this planet,
flowing through your home,
Your community, your country,
Across and through the oceans and continents of this planet,
Infusing all beings with love and well-being.
Imagine this entire blue planet radiating love, wisdom, and well
being throughout the Universe
Breathe deeply into this vision.
Be at peace.
Be one with all that is.
Josephine Wall