Autumn 2013
Time feels suspended as we move into the earth’s fallow time. Falling leaves remind
us that change is the only constant. As we endure the longer night we have greater
appreciation for the fire’s beauty and warmth. We trust that the Sun will return.

The autumn months of 2013 challenge us to move into a new paradigm. Can we let go
of our emotional attachments to the past, to what felt secure and safe but possibly
habitual, in exchange for a life of greater vitality, daring, and faith in the spontaneous
enfoldment of divine design? Ultimately we have to ask ourselves do we
EMOTIONALLY believe in a divine order that supports our highest good, or do live
from a place of insecurity and doubt as our world radically changes?

This Libra New Moon on October 4th awakens an urgent need for change. Some of us
will feel unsettled and restless; others will embrace a new perspective that can
provide a sense of self-determination and balance. Many of us will find that
commitment to a relationship or some form of discipline will enhance well-being. The
energies of this season favor innovation and provide the motivation to relinquish
ineffective methods of self-expression. There is a desire for cooperation, fairness, and
reconciliation at this time. The need is to evolve beyond what has been established
that is no longer functional and explore new frontiers of community consciousness.
Again we experience the intensity of the planetary t-square encouraging us to think
differently and take pioneering action.

The Libra / Aries Full Moon Eclipse on October 18th tests our faith in the process of
change. Can we remain balanced and willing to look at both sides of an issue? Can we
remain free of opinions, criticisms, and judgments, which limit our openness to
expanded possibilities personally and collectively? Can we open our hearts to the
healing energies of compassion and random acts of kindness? At this time the
electrical charge of the planet Uranus is emphasized. Uranus rules the nervous
system, electricity, innovation, revolutionary ideas, shocks, the aviation and
technological industries, as well as our collective human consciousness. It has been
proven through the HeartMath Institute ( ) that the electrical
signals from the heart are up to 60 times stronger than the brains and its magnetic
field is 5000 times more powerful. In Buddhist tradition the mind resides in the heart
and the body in the mind.

In the months ahead, the prominence of the planetary grand trine in the water signs of
Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, as well the earth trines occurring in Virgo and Capricorn,
can help us to claim our emotional wisdom and clarity in regards to what is right action
for authentic self. The importance and gift of Saturn’s present placement in Scorpio
until 2015, is it's ability to overcome many Life obstacles. It's determination,
thoroughness to detail and design, as will as the innate ability to recognize another's
power through instinctual insight into their gifts and talents makes Saturn in Scorpio a
indomitable force. Each of us is learning to let go of our attachments to self-
importance in favor of what can be accomplished through community alignment and
tribal connection. It is important to share who we are genuinely in order to attract like

The raw power of emotional attachment is very evident at the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on
11/3. The Saros cycle associated with this solar eclipse can bring a sense of inspiration
or the illumination of ideas. The influences of Uranus and Neptune can suddenly
release information from the subconscious, which would be wise to note and act upon.
The primary purpose of the present planetary alignments is self understanding and
self mastery through constant crisis. These crises can be either personal and / or
global, but the lesson is that we are all One.

If you would be interested in knowing how the gifts of these planetary dynamics can be
integrated more ideally into you life call or email me for an astrological session. Your
natal chart provides all the tools and keys to your Soul's developmental intention for
your unique Life purpose.

Upcoming Classes
Setting Intention at the Libra New Moon with Additional Information on the LUNAR
ECLIPSE Saturday Oct. 5th 10-12 PM in Morrison The placement of this New Moon and
the Full Moon eclipse in your birth chart indicates where and what you can accomplish
by closely aligning with another as well as the challenges that would be presented.
Fee: $30

Elemental Jupiter Planet of Protection Its Placement in Your Birth chart and the
Benefits it Provides Wednesday Oct. 23rd 7-9 PM in Morrison. Jupiter is considered a
planet that provides benefits wherever it resides in the birth chart. Its elemental sign
is important to what kind protection it can provide. Often we take for granted or
disregard the gifts of this planet especially after the age of 30. Jupiter is tied to our
sense of youthfulness and daring.This class will give you a better understanding of
Jupiter's presence in the birth chart as well as knowledge about the astrological
differences between the elements of: fire, earth, air and water. You will gain greater
understanding of basic astrology through this class. Fee: $40