Scorpio New Moon
occurs Oct. 20-Nov.22nd

By: Ingrid Jeffries
Keyword:  Power
The Challenge:     Releasing what is known for the unknown.

Element:  Water >  psychic, empathetic, protective, imaginative, emotional
Mode of Operation: fixed, determined, persistent, powerful, sustaining
Archetypes:  Shakti ( Hindu), Pele ( Hawaiian) Pluto (Roman) Mars, Kali

Scorpio Activities: Mystery, the occult, magic, passion, power, sexuality, death and rebirth,
release, purification, regeneration, emotional creation, temptation

Scorpio New Moon; When the sun and moon are in Scorpio it is the time to take the initiative to
clean out old non-productive mental and emotional tapes so something new can be created.  
Scorpio is the sign of intimacy and emotional bonding, but if we hold onto resentments or live in
bondage to others expectations we can not fully experience the gift of regeneration.  Scorpio is
the sign associated with joint values, representing what we need from others to feel secure in
relationship AND what we are willing to give.  It is through devotion to our own and others
empowerment that we learn discerning wisdom and gain emotional tranquility.  Scorpio is about
change,  it is the only sign given three symbols representative  of the tests this sign must face.  
They are the scorpion, the eagle and phoenix.

Scorpio’s Needs and Attitudes: intense, transformational, resourceful, passionate, penetrating,
renewing, awareness of a deeper purpose, compulsive, obsessive, jealous

Pluto As Scorpio’s Ruler signifies the experiences where we are most likely to demonstrate or
give away our power.   It is also the indicator of past life wounds and former use of power.

The Challenges Offered In Scorpio House—  Wherever Scorpio is found in the birth chart is
where transfiguration and resurrection will take place,  This  is where you will want deep,
meaningful, and transformational changes to occur.  Some people may regard you as being too
intense and passionate in this area of your life ( as represented by Scorpio’s House placement in
your chart.)  These life experiences may be where you tend to preserve and condense emotion
until it becomes a force that destroys old forms and rebirths new ones.    During the period of
intensification, you may seem secretive, mysterious, protective and possibly defensive.   But, if
left alone long enough, you will eventually burst forth with the next cycle of movement.  If allowed
to habitually  focus on the negative experiences in Scorpio's House, then the result can manifest
as pent-up emotion, controlling behavior, and repressed anger.

Areas of  Physical Strength or Weakness:  reproductive organs, the elimination system, sexual
functioning and habits,  toxic complaints

Affirmations:  The point of power is in the present moment, Let go and let God, We are born each
morning—it is what we do with today that matters most, Death is a door that opens to a new life, I
am awake to the power of my words, I am willing to change, I believe in the power of love