The Challenge: to  follow what is ‘true’ for you while remaining open to new data that may contradict
what you believe

Element:  Fire> stimulated, expressive, inspired
Mode of Operation:  Mutable, expansive, flexible, adapting
Archetypes:  Artemis / Diana, Hestia / Vesta, Jupiter / Zeus, Lakshmi, The Gypsy

Sagittarian Activities:  Pursuit of philosophical and religious beliefs, expanded experiences,
exploration and adventure, athletic play, outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, horseback riding,
photography, publishing and political activities, public speaking

New Moon:  The new moon in Sagittarius is the time to celebrate diversity and open ourselves to new
perspectives. This is the time of year when we want to be able to experience greater freedom
particularly in the house where Sagittarius operates in your birth chart. It is through freely expressing
and pursuing  our life visions and dreams that we fully express the artistry of who we are. This is the
month to open ourselves to ‘Possibility’ in the grandest sense and to allow ourselves to be bold
without being self righteous, to be generous without be self indulgent.  This New Moon is joined with
Pluto and is positioned on the Galactic Center  the gravitational heart of our galaxy and dynamic source
of infrared radiation.  When a planet crosses the G.C. its energy is ‘radiated’ throughout the galaxy and
specifically influences our root chakra and subconscious processes on a global as well as personal
level,  The G.C. is considered a point of conscious expansion; it provides incisive, direct, informative
information to those who practice quieting the mind and opening themselves to higher
consciousness.  This is an excellent time to get in touch with destructive core beliefs as Pluto rules the
destructive powers of the subconscious as well as opening us up to hidden sources of knowledge and
wisdom.  Pluto is often associated with our greatest fears and is the planet indicative of ones use of
personal power.  This is a time where we can observe ‘shadow’ beliefs and fears.

Sagittarius Needs and Attitudes: expansive, open ended, wise, ethical, optimistic, philosophical,
religious, integrated, synthesizing , self-indulgent, greedy, irresponsible

Jupiter As Sagittarius’ Ruler: Indicates where in life we are likely to experience abundance and
opportunity.  Its House placement is where we need to have opportunities for growth and exploration.  
It is the archetype of the ‘Gypsy’.

The Challenges Offered In the House Where Sagittarius Is Operating: This is where in life you want to
have a sense of limitlessness and infinite possibilities.  You may get caught up in ‘moreness’ in this
area of your life.  In this House your desire for expansion can lead to over-expansion and self-
indulgence actually leading to less freedom. You may find yourself getting into self-indulgent
behaviors when you are feeling especially trapped or restricted.   This is the month to take risks
creatively  and to allow yourself to be open to the magic and synchronicity operating in every moment.

Physical Areas of Strength or Weakness : Hips, thighs, arteries, fat metabolism

                                                       The Moon’s Cycles of Initiation
                                                     The Fire Sign Moon of Sagittarius

One of the defining elements of our 3rd dimensional world is Time.  Humans measure their
development through Time.  The Sun and Moon cycle is the oldest form by which man has measured
the passing of the days, weeks and seasons.  Before electricity, it was a simple matter to rest at the
dark of the Moon, or be more productive at the Full Moon, because our internal clock or circadian
rhythms were attuned to the hours of light and dark.  The earth’s relationship to the Sun and Moon at
one time determined all holidays and festivals.  In today’s world most people know what zodiacal sign
the Sun was traveling through at the time of their birth yet relatively few are aware of what sign the
Moon was in.  To the astrologers of the past the Moon was as important and in some cases, more so,
than the Sun.  If an individual was born during the night time hours, the Moon was said to have more
influence than the Sun over that individual’s development.  

There are eight phases to the Moon’s monthly cycle; New, Crescent, First Quarter, Gibbonous, Full,
Disseminating, Last Quarter and Balsamic.  Each phase of the Moon lasts for about 3 &1/2 days with.  
The New Moon could be likened to a marriage.  It is when the Sun and Moon are joined together in a
particular sign of the zodiac.  It is considered a cycle of new beginnings.  It is a time where we feel the
desire to manifest our aspirations.  Aspirations are indicative of the Heart’s longing.  To aspire is to
breathe in—at the New Moon you are breathing in the future your divine self aspires to.  

So what happens if you have no sense of any particular aspiration?  Well, take out a pen and paper and
write five times the following phrase,  “What I really want to do is…”
Ø        Take several deep breaths and relax your mind
Ø        Imagine yourself on a mountaintop with the world at your feet
Ø        Feel the Sun on your face and the wind in your hair
Ø        Relax into this expansive view
Ø        Now quickly, without thinking about it, finish each of the five sentences
Ø        Be silly, spontaneous, frivolous and imaginative
Ø        The next day when you take out this paper, you will discover a significant message
Sagittarius Moon

The New Moon Sagittarius’ Time of Year  Nov 21—Dec 22 (approx.)