Whether we are traveling in our physical body or in the astral, it is always good to invite the Gods and
Goddesses, Angels and Protectors to be with us. Tara, Mary, Pallas Athene, Hermes,  Ganesh, Hekate,
Archangel Raphael,  Odin, are all associated with travel.
You will need:
·        1 white candle placed in the North, 1 yellow placed in the East, 1 blue candle placed in the West
     and 1 red candle placed in the south
·        All anointed with sandalwood oil.
·        A candle to represent yourself in whatever color is your favorite should be placed in the center
·        Photo or personal articles of the person and / or place you are journeying to or praying for
·        Sandalwood incense
·        Sea Salt

Create a circle around your alter with the Sea Salt request the guidance and support of your
protectors.  Call on the Gods and / or Goddesses for which you feel an affinity to be present
     *Light your candles beginning with the East, South, West, North requesting the aid of each   
     guardian of the 4 directions.
     *Light your personal candle in the center.  Imagine a flaming link from your heart center to the
     candle that represents yourself in the center.

Visualize the journey you plan to take. See, feel, smell, the place you are traveling to and the people
you will meet there.  Imagine rainbows of light surrounding your images.  When you feel a sense of joy
and / or peace then say or sing:

Hail Guardians, Gods and Goddesses, Name your personal deity
      See me, look upon me
      See me, look upon me
      See me, look upon me
      Protect me and my people tonight.
      Send your white light around me.
      Send your protective light around______________ (person or place)
      That I (they) may be protected,
      As I (they) travel and as I (they) dream.
      Send only good and lucid energies on this journey.
      Thank you.
      Thank you.
      Thank you.  **

      You can either let the candles burn out by themselves, or snuff them in reverse order.
      Let them burn a little each night if you are doing this for a person who is on an extended trip.    
      On the last night let them burn down on their own.  NEVER pinch out the candles.
      This is believed to destroy  the luck.
Safe Journey Ritual
By: Ingrid Jeffries

**Invocation by: Rowan Moonstone