1.        Cleansing
    a.        Cleansing oneself and the ritual space by bathing, smudging
    or spritzing with holy water, salt water ,or sage water

2.        Grounding
    a.        Through visualization, guided meditation, or physical
    movement such as slowly walking or dancing in a circle.

3.        Creating a Sacred Space /Casting the Circle / Creating a    
    Vortex of Power & Protection
    a.        Chanting, singing, dancing in a circle, visualizing a
    protective circle of light, physically sprinkling a circle with salt or

4.        Calling on the Powers of the Elements and Directions
    a.       East –air
    b.       South—fire
    c.       West—water
    d.       North—earth
    e.       Space—sprit

5.        Invoking the Deity or Deities

6.        Statement of purpose / clarifying the intention of the ritual

7.         The working
    a.        elements of the ritual are acted out; as in a healing with the
    laying of hands; or by the burning of something symbolically
    representing that which is desired to be released

8.        Raising and Releasing the Power
    a.        We can do this through drumming, chanting, dancing,
    rapid deep fire breathing while repeating your intent, until one can
    hold the energy no longer and it is released into the Universe.

9.        Centering Communion / Meditation
    a.        After the exhalation of releasing sit quietly and relax into
    ALL That IS
    b.          When one is completely calm and at peace you might softly
    hum OMM or Auuu—ommmmmmmmmm

10.        Ending the ritual
    a.        Thanking the Deity / Deities
    b.        Releasing the Powers by thanking them
    c.        Returning the circle to the mundane world by walking in a
              counter clockwise direction

Components of