To Start—Before hand:

    In this ritual you write down what would be the most revitalizing,
    inspiring, beautiful thing you could manifest in one or all of these
    four areas:  Work, health, relationship, money.
    This summary or list is called your Life Arrow.  (Ask the Divine aspect
    of your inner self to help you be clear as you write your lists and
    perform the ritual.)
    Wrap this, your summary or list, around a crystal or shell or pretty
    rock and tie it with a green or pink ribbon or sting creating a little
    request ‘bundle’.  Bless it and envision it happening in your life.
    Then on another piece of paper write down all the reasons you don't or
    won't do the aforementioned.  Try to find the core fear or issue that
    blocks you from manifesting. If you feel this is related to a person or
    situation, you want to address why you have allowed it in your life and
    the purpose it has served in your growth.
    This is the death arrow.  Sprinkle it with a little olive oil and fold
    it to be burned.

    Creating the Space for Ritual:
    Now create a sacred space for yourself either inside or out.  Begin by
    purifying the area by doing one or all of the following:
    Creating a circle with salt
    Smudging* yourself and the area with a sage stick or incense,  
    Spritzing with distilled or spring water to which the oil of sage, or
    frankincense, myrrh, cedar or elemi has been added. (If you don’t have
    the oils just water is fine.)
    Envisioning the area filled with a white pearlescent rainbow light
    Light a candle or campfire, have a picture of your favorite Deity,
    God/dess, Saint or inspiring individual,  flowers, feathers, shells,
    etc. or whatever creates a sacred sense of beauty and peace for you.
    These should be the center focal point of this space.  If you are not
    allergic, it is nice to keep a stick of incense burning. (The Tibetan
    and Indian made incense are generally the cleanest and do not create
    the allergic reactions that some of the cheaper grocery store varieties
    Instrumental music can also be a nice addition, particularly if there
    is a lot of background noise as in the city.

    The Ritual itself:
    Call in the Great Spirit, the God/dess or your divine self or whomever
    you make sacred requests to, to be present. You might even ask the
    devas, protectors and earth guardians, or one or several of the
    Archangels to be an intermediary to amplify your request.  These beings
    of light  must be ASKED for their assistance before they can help us.

    The Archangels associated with the signs of the Zodiac* are:
    Aries and Scorpio: Phaneul, Uriel, Kamael
    Taurus and Libra: Haniel, Anael
    Gemini and Virgo:  Raphael
    Cancer: Gabriel
    Leo: Michael
    Saggitarius and Pisces: Zadkiel
    Capricorn and Aquarius: Cassiel, Zaphkiel
    *Judaism, Islam and Christianity all have different names for the same

    Thank them for their previous help and blessings in your life. If you
    have a specific memory where you felt divinely aided, mention it.  Ask
    for help manifesting whatever it is that is important to you now.  

    Create an affirmation for your present request, for example:  "Divine
    order and love
    constantly surround me.”  “My heart is open to receiving"  “I am
    manifesting _____”, (perfect health, lavish abundance, etc.)   “I am at
    peace with my power.”  Etc.
    Whatever feels and sounds right for you is best.  Repeat this many
    times like a chant in order to seal this affirmation in your consciousness.
    (This affirmation will also help you whenever you might begin to doubt
    your Life Arrow manifestation at a later time, after the rituals
    completion, but before you experience its full manifestation in the
    Now voice your request by repeating what you've written and wrapped
    around a crystal or shell, etc. creating a little bundle.  
    Consecrate your request ‘bundle’ by passing it through the incense
    smoke or spritzing it with spring water or hold it and envisioning white
    light surrounding it. Saying your affirmations again, bury this wrapped
    crystal or shell in the earth to ground it.*  Affirm that the forces of
    heaven and earth are working together to assist in the manifestation of
    your request.
    Or place it in a special box or crystal bowl on your alter.

    Then voice what you want to release, that blocks you from manifesting
    your desire.
    This is your ‘Death Arrow’.  Again address how this has served you and
    how you are now ready to be free of its limiting conditions
    Set it on fire (in a safe predetermined place, a fireplace or pot with
    a lid works well if you are indoors, a campfire or specially dug pit if
    you are outdoors)
    As it burns affirm your positive inspirations and how this ritual
    serves all beings by removing the blocking energies being released, not just for yourself.  

    After the death arrow is burned, thank the divine entities that are
    helping you achieve your inspiration. Meditate on ‘Life Arrows’
    accomplishment and feel the joy of manifesting your request.  Songs or
    music of thanksgiving are nice.  As is just drumming.
    Try to envision others also benefiting from the manifestation of the
    ‘Life Arrow’.
    Then dedicate the merit of your ritual for all beings.
    For example a simple prayer is:
    “Throughout my life and in this moment I dedicate the accomplishments
    of this ritual to be of benefit to all beings so that they too may
    experience increased wisdom and love, health and prosperity while
    sickness, famine, warfare and suffering be abolished for every being,
    so all beings can live in peace and harmony together.

    So may it be.
Ritual for New

    By: Ingrid Jeffries