What a New Zodiac?!!!
by:  Ingrid Jeffries

The interview of astronomer Parke Kunkle was just one more piece of
astrological misinformation that the media loves to promote.  This story
about our signs changing, as well as the "discovery" of a 13th sign
Ophiuchus, is nothing new and has been broadcast before. What's
different this time is the massive attention it has received due to the

There are numerous star constellations within our existing zodiac.   The
12 constellations associated with the zodiacal signs that eastern and
western astrologers use are chosen for their symbolic representations of
human nature.  Each of these “signs” which are tied to a specific
constellation of stars has a parable or teaching story associated with it
that is indicative of human nature and human experience.  These 12 sign
are all inclusive; a 13th sign would be redundant.

Western astrology, the form most commonly practiced in the US and
Europe uses the tropical zodiac, which begins on the day of the vernal
equinox and follows the seasons, not the constellations. It is true that the
Earth wobbles and the constellations have shifted 23 degrees, but since
Western astrology is not based on the constellations, it remains

As an astronomer, Kunkle was most likely attempting to debunk astrology
but like so many before him he failed to do his research into the subject.  
What Professor Kunkle was referring to is known as Eastern, Vedic, or
sidereal, astrology, the kind practiced in India and other parts of the
world.   If you consult a Vedic astrologer, then your sign indeed may have
changed, but this knowledge has been around for hundreds of years.
Sidereal astrologers already use these so-called "new dates."