The Lunar
   In astrology there are two distinct hemicycles in operation, a
waxing hemicycle (from conjunction to opposition/ Full Moon). a.k.a
separating aspect and the waning hemicycle ( from opposition to
conjunction) a.k.a. an applying aspect.
   The waxing hemicycle covers the span from New Moon (the
conjunction) to the Full Moon (opposition). A time when the Moon’s
light is increasing, symbolizing a spontaneous, instinctual growth and
the active dynamic of building and development.
 The waning hemicycle covers the span from the Full Moon (the
opposition) to the New Moon (conjunction) when the Moon’s light is
decreasing, symbolizing the release of the meaning and structures
built during the waxing hemicycle with a synthesis into the basic
personality of the individual.

   The phases of the Moon are one of the integral points in Shamanic
or pagan ritual practices. Many rituals are based around the phases
of the Moon, and the three different aspects of the Goddess (Maiden,
Mother, and Crone) are shown in the moon's cycles. Certain types of
magick can be practiced according to the phase of the moon, as well
as various types of personal exercises and growth.
The Moon’s Cyclic Phases
From the New Mon to the Full Mon is called the waxing cycle of the
Moon, a time when the Moon is growing in light.  

     The waxing moon is a time for growth as the moon itself grows
from the nothingness of the new moon to the brilliance of the full
moon. It is a time for doing magick for growth, success, wealth,
friendship, courage, luck, health, or anything else that is constructive
and needs to grow.
  The New Moon Type (0-45’ ahead of the Sun):  Keyword; Emergence
/ subjective and impulsive/ projection of one’s personal concepts
onto the world. The new moon is the time when there is just a sliver
of moon visible in the night sky. It is a time for starting new ventures,
new beginnings, love romance, health, or job hunting.
  The Crescent Moon Type (45-90’ ahead of the Sun): Keyword:
Assertion / the need to make an impression on the world.
  The First Quarter Moon Type (90-135’ ahead of the Sun):  Keyword:
Action / the for direct action and a sense of urgency.  
  The Gibbous Moon Type (135-180’ ahead of the Sun):  Keyword:
Expression / questioning and searching, a need to contribute to
   The Full Moon Type (180-135’ behind the Sun):  Keyword:  
Fulfillment / objective and fulfillment orientation.  This is when the
moon is at its peak, hanging full and heavy in the night sky. It is a time
for celebrations and performing rituals of prophecy, protection, and
   The Dissemination Type (135—90’ behind the Sun):  Keyword:  
Synthesis / assimilative, evaluative and innovative.  WANING MOON
this is the time where the moon once again begins to slowly fade back
into the night. It is a time for ridding oneself of addictions or personal
problems as well as negativity and illness.
   The Third Quarter Moon Type (90-45’ behind the Sun);  Keyword:
Reorientation / future orientation, inventive and forceful.
   The Balsamic Moon Type (less than 45’ behind the Sun): Keyword:  
Release / a feeling of destiny and the will to sacrifice for the future