The Gemini New Moon
                        Occurs between May 20th-June 19th
BY: Ingrid Jeffries

The New Moon phase in the lunar month has long been the time to take the initative
and planet new seeds.  New Moons are the energetic force for new beginnings and
change.  Each of the 12 New Moons carries a productive impulse.  Where this
impulse is found in your natal horoscope changes from month to month providing
opportunities to develop and focus on new areas of your life.  
The Gemini New
encourages us to experience variety, to enjoy diversity and to explore new
perspectives through travel, education, reading and listening to others.  Gemini is the
zodiacal sign associated with humor, curiosity and the exchange of ideas.  Gemini’s
are the storytellers, poets and bards of the zodiac.  When Gemini rules the skies the
power of the spoken or written word is even stronger. Who can better change and
inspire our thinking than a gifted orator or poet, as Gemini born J.F.K and Bob Dylan
have done?  In Norse mythology,
Odin is the god of travelers and poets, magicians
and shamans.  He also exemplifies the trickster dynamic that Gemini is known for.
This is a sign that favors community endeavors, networking, sharing ideas, mindful
mischief making with positive intention, and being in relationship to your world in a
most conscious manner.  Our world is a reflection of what we think, when the Sun and
Moon are here we must take responsibility for what we choose to create for
community as well as for ourselves personally.  To do this we must listen deeply and
chose our words thoughtfully.  The stones long associated with the sign of Gemini
are agate, tiger’s eye, beryl and aquamarine.  They promote grounded mental
assessment, while the essential oils of peppermint, lavender, and rosemary stimulate
yet calm the mind.  Writing, singing or chanting your New Moon intentions as well as
wrapping them visually or physically in Gemini’s colors, yellow and blue is a lovely
way to facilitate the energies of manifestation.