The Seven-Line Prayer to Guru
The Prayer That Quicky
Fullfills Wishes
The Seven Line Prayer
This powerful prayer invokes the presence and
blessings of the Guru and increases the benefit to
include all sentient beings

On the northwest corner of the country of Urgyen
In the pollen heart of a lotus,
Marvelous in the perfection of your attainment,
You are known as the Lotus Born
And are surrounded by your circle of many sky
By following in your footsteps,
I pray that you will come to confer your blessings.

The Prayer that Swiftly Fullfills All Wishes
(Sampa Nyur Drupma)
My precious teacher Lama Tharchin Rinpoche* has often
recommended the prayer in times of difficulty
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Emaho! In the heart of the blossoming lotus,
upon the waters of the lake,
You are the spontaneously accomplished wisdom,
the embodiment of the Five Buddha Families.
OH, great self-originating Pema Yab Yum,
surrounded by clouds of Dakinis, to you we pray.
Grant your blessing!
so that all our wishes be quickly fullfilled!

As a result of our negative actions,
whenever we suffer from illness,
malevolent spirits and obstacles,
warfare and violence,
famine and starvation,
then remember your promise
that even simply to think of you will immediately
consume all such suffering.
We implore you, from the depths of our hearts,
Oh Lord of Orgyen,
Grant your blessing
so that all our wishes be quickly fullfilled!

To practice devotion, discipline and generosity,
to liberate the mind through hearing the Dharma,
and to have dignity, self control and knowledge
Make these seven noble humun qualities
penetrate the mind of all sentient beings
and so bring peace and happiness to the world.
Grant your blessing
so thal all our wishes be quickly fullfilled.

When oppressed by illness,
suffering and unwanted circumstances,
falling prey to harm and obstruction from negativity
and demonic forces,
threatened by fire, water, and journeys of great
when this life is spent and we have nowhere to turn
except to you.
Care for us with your great compassion,
OH great Orgyen Guru.
Grant your blessings
so that all our wishes be quickly fulfilled.
When Shakyamuni Buddha was
preparing to die, his followers
lamented that he had only taught the
exoteric teachings of the lesser and
greater vehicles (Hinayana and
Mahayana) but had not taught the
esoteric tantric teachings of the
Vajrayana. Shakyamuni said that
since he was born of a womb his
current body was not suitable for
introducing the tantric teachings but
that he would come back in a
miraculously-born form to reveal
those teachings. As predicted, after
25 years he was born from a lotus in
the form of Guru Padma Sambhava
("Guru Rinpoche"). Though Guru
Rinpoche was a fully enlightened
manifestation, he entered into and
attained all of the stages of training
as an example for others to follow. He
not only mastered all of the teachings
and attained realization and
liberation, he also perfected the
Vajrayana practices of skillful means
which enabled him to perform miracles