Aries New Moon
           Occurs between March 19-April 22nd
                          By: Ingrid Jeffries

  Aries as the first sign of the astrological wheel, has an inherent
need to be first. It is the sign of all beginnings. Planets placed in
this sign often have a driving force of their own to be recognized
and honored. For this reason planets or midpoints falling at 0
degrees of Aries (or any of the Cardinal signs for that matter) are
considered to strive for recognition. Wherever Aries is placed in
your chart is said to be where the soul initiates its activity.  Aries
house placement in your chart indicates an area of life where you
need to feel free to do your own thing.    Aries keywords are:
direct, honest, pioneering, courageous, enthusiastic, dynamic and
confident.  Its shadow dynamic: can be selfish, unreliable,
aggressive, fool hardy, and impatient.

The Challenges Offered Where Aries Is Operating:    The
Life Experience  House Aries is influencing is where you will want
to be focusing on what needs to end in order for there to be a
new beginning.  What within you is crying to be born?  Many of us
may be feeling tested at this time, with an Aries Moon we are
tested in regards to courage, in regards to our sacred truth,  our
patience and our ability to take the initiative in a mature manner.  
It is possible to forget that in Aries house your truth is  not a “one
size fits all”  dynamic, though you will undoubtedly encourage and
inspire others with it.  **
Wherever Aries operates in your chart you will consciously or
unconsciously strive towards developing courage.

Anything new that challenges your fears and will demand a
degree of courage.

Affirmations and appropriate sayings:  The darkest hour is
before the dawn.  Every wakeful step, every mindful act is the
direct path to awakening.  Wherever you go there you are.  
Generosity brings joy, honesty brings peace.  Simplicity brings
more happiness than complexity.

Events to remember
Prayers and ritual as well as acts of kindness and /or negativity
are 100 thousand times more powerful during a New and Full

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