Aquarius Moon and Qualities

Time of Year: Jan 20 —Feb 21 (approx)
By: Ingrid Jeffries

The Challenge:  To implement creativity and innovation that will benefit your goals and
objectives without losing sight of what is of value in present structures and situations.  In other
words “ don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.”

Element:  Air> logical, conceptual, communicative, interactive
Mode of Operation:  Fixed> sustaining, persevering, intense, appreciative
Archetypes: Uranus, Sky-father as  the energy bearer representing the vital life force that
renews & fertilizes all

Aquarian Activities: On the outer level— vision quests, participation, teamwork, setting goals
and objectives, creating win / win situations, social humanitarian activities  relating to a ‘cause’
or vision, diplomacy, inventive cultural endeavors, striving for truth and independence,
metaphysical, non- traditional, alternative forms of healing, computer technology, science and
On the inner level— participation in a higher ideal for humanity, there is a reverence for life in
this sign as exemplified by Prometheus and Abraham Lincoln. As well as the generosity and
courage to help those that are oppressed.

New Moon: the new moon in Aquarius is the time to connect with friends, groups or
organizations that support your vision for your personal, and our global  future.  It is the time
for setting goals, networking with others, allowing for eccentricity,  innovation and
synchroncity.  It is also the time to ask yourself what can I do to further the consciousness of
humanity?  What am I a positive force for?
Aquarius Needs and Attitudes:  independent yet team  oriented, likes to intellectualize, freedom
seeking, idealistic,  innovative, diplomatic, futuristic (often before their time),   objective,
detached, reforming.

Uranus As Aquarius’ Ruler signifies our way of expressing eccentricity and inventiveness.  
Often times its placement in our birth chart represents where in life we have had to face a
disruption, leaving   us to fall back on our own resources.  It is where we can best connect with
all of Humanity in an altruistic sense.  Uranus represents the flash of insight and the desire to
break free.    It also represents natural disasters and innovative technology.  Key phrase:  
Break down or break through.

The Challenges Offered In The House Where Aquarius' Is Operating:  this is the area of life
where you are most likely to resist the authority of others and want to break free of restrictive    
systems.  Here is where you may be seen as a troublemaker, eccentric, or innovator.  Most
probably, it is really that you are fascinated by alternatives.  The house where Aquarius falls is
often the place in our chart where we are most likely to work with others towards greater
insight, reform, revolution or change. This is where we exchange what we ‘know’ through
research or experience.

Areas of physical strength or weakness:  lower leg, calves, ankles, teeth, blood circulation,
elimination through the lungs  

Affirmations:  There is magic wherever I am—I lovingly create my reality—I am a star.