About Ingrid Jeffries
Ingrid is an astrologer, writer, teacher, counselor, and retreat facilitator
working in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area, She's provided
individual, relationship and career counseling for over  20 years.  She has
studied and written about, astrology and spiritual traditions as well as
tarot, dream and archetype symbolism with many of her articles gaining
international recognition.  Her love of mythology and legend allow her to
identify with the sacred story each of us has to tell.

It has been her privilege to work with adults and teens in a myriad of
teaching and counseling situations.  Her approach is one of counselor and
guide, honoring the unique challenges and concerns of each individual
and couple.  

Her studies and work in the intuitive arts and spiritual traditions provide
her with a discernment that allows her to recognize an individual's great
potentials and help that individual gain increased mastery.  Through her
own search for wisdom and self knowledge she has attained a wide variety
of inspirational teachings and tools that she can use or recommend for
particular challenges.

As a working mother of three, Ingrid deeply understands the challenges
and demands of today's fast paced world.  She has established herself as
one who can help you identify key behaviors, tools and time frames that
support opportunities and choices that  lead to success and well being.
Through increased self knowledge and esteem one creates self
confidence.  She is dedicated to helping you realize the powerful  
potentials of your life through providing you with the gift of insight into
new options and choices.

Ingrid has an associate’s status with the American Federation of
Astrologers.  She has written for Arcos Press, Nova Scotia International,
The Witches Well, The Evergreen Women’s Press, The Mountain
Connection, The Metaphysical Newsletter, Nostalgia Magazine, and won
the Koebel Writer's Award in 1998.  Presently her classes in astrology,
tarot, archetype symbolism and dream analysis are offered at her
classroom in west Denver and at the Isis Bookstore.   

She can be reached at 303 697.8309 or emailed at: IngridJeffries@yahoo.com