The Taurus New Moon
      Occurs April 22-May 21st
             By: Ingrid Jeffries
Josephine Wall
Taurus is the sign associated with the earth goddesses.    When the Sun or Moon are here it is the ideal time to
produce tangible and reliable results appropriate to its HOUSE POSITION in your birth chart.  Taurus is a sign
that favors ritual and endeavors that support greater love and personal abundance.  Rituals should always be
performed no sooner than 3 hrs– 6 days after the New Moon.

Ruler of Taurus—Venus
Keywords:  I establish value, I beautify, I magnetically attract, I negotiate, I charm, I harmonize, I balance, I am
artistic, I am musical, gluttonous
Your natal Venus represents what you appreciate in life and your way of expressing love and your relationship
to money.

The Challenges Presented Where Taurus is Operating:  The  astrological House Taurus is influencing** is
where you will want to be valued and compensated for your contribution.  It is where you need to discover how
to build tangible and reliable structures while remaining open to total change and transformation.  You may have
a reputation for being stubborn in this area of life, when you actually just need time to make changes.  Often the
length of time is correlated in  some way to the importance of the decision and the respect due.  In a house
where Taurus is operating it is possible to take up to two years to make a significant change,
It is also the place in the birth chart where we can become stuck and resistant to change.

Physical Areas of Strength or Weakness:  neck, cerebellum, upper cervical vertebrae, ears, throat, larynx,
thyroid gland, vocal chords, palate,  With challenging aspects  (the square, opposition, quincunx or
sesquisquare) from the New Moon your may experience problems in these areas.

Taurus Herbs: Are soothing to throat and mucous membranes, licorice, slippery elm, fenugreek

Affirmations:  I am willing to go beyond my own limitations. I forgive and release myself from expectation.  I have
the power, strength, and knowledge to handle everything in my life.    I lovingly create my reality.     I give myself
permission to prosper.

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