The Challenge: to care compassionately and emotionally without losing sight of the practical
tasks at hand. To be willing to help others without making it an excuse for failing to exploit
our own highest   potential. (in other words try  not to be so busy using your energy on the
behalf of friends and family that you leave little time for your own affairs.) To heal and
improve on the emotional or psychic level without ignoring the needs of the body or

Element: Water > sensitive,  psychic, receptive, empathetic
Mode of Operation:  Mutable> flexible, adaptable, diversified and evolving
Archetypes: the two fish, or dolphins connected—symbolizing our connectedness to one
another in the vast
universal sea.

Piscean Activities: activities that allow one to open the heart center and explore different
realms of consciousness such as  music, theater, opera, fantasy,  movies, poetry, mysticism,
dream work, dance, chanting, spiritual   activities, immersing oneself in timelessness,
alternative forms of healing such as hypnotherapy, prayer, meditation, Reiki, breath work,
body work, yoga, (to name a few ) New Moon:  the new moon in Pisces is the time to connect
with the intuitive artistic healer within, and to allow oneself the time to drift and dream.

Pisces Needs and Attitudes: sensitive, compassionate, emotionally adaptive, psychic, dreamy,
merging, willing to sacrifice, boundary less,  isolated, illusory, deceptive, confused, rescuing,
victim or martyr roles
Neptune As Pisces Ruler:  represents where in life we are willing to transcend ego and unite
with the infinite.  Imagination may go to excess and become illusion or deception.

The Pisces New Moon Eclipse:   occurs on March 18th and is a stimulating evolutionary
eclipse dynamic. All of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) as well as the
fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel the desire to make changes.  
Improvement is the Keyword.  The Sun, Moon and Pluto all align with the Galactic center at 27
’ Sagittarius, planets here will undergo tremendous transformation of purpose in the next 2

The Challenges Offered In the House where Pisces Is Operating—sometimes in this area of
your life you have difficulty determining boundaries.  You may have a reputation for being in
your own world because you are sensing things rather than understanding them rationally.  In
this House  you may feel you are particularly guided, but sometimes you can  be so trusting
that you are naïve. As a result, you can set yourself up as a victim.  To avoid or escape
confusion in this area of life, you can focus on rescuing other people, using addictive
substances or getting stuck in “crazy” psychological patterns. You may even find yourself
going underground in illegal or behind the scenes activities.  On the other hand, you can
also choose to find solace through psychic, imaginative, healing, or spiritual resources.  In all
cases, you are using Pisces to alter your physical, mental, or emotional state so that you can
enhance or cope with reality.

Pisces Physical Strengths and Weaknesses:  feet, mucous membranes, tissues, anesthetics,
drugs of all kinds, addictions, allergies, misdiagnosed illnesses, poisons, or toxic reactions

Pisces Affirmations: Love dissolves all barriers—I trust and have faith in the deep essence of
who I am.—I value the healing power of beauty, harmony and love—I realize the capacity to
receive is equally as powerful as the capacity to give—There is magic wherever I am.—I am
Pisces Moon & Qualities

Pisces ’ Time of Year  Feb 21st —Mar 21st (approx.)

By: Ingrid Jeffries