The Karmic Moon &
 Other Considerations
The Moon represents the reflected light of the
Sun and as such indicates what is past.  It is
considered the vehicle of ones tribal history
and biological karma.  It acts as a container for
previously alive thought forms, emotional
experiences and energies.  It is interesting to
note that from our earthly perspective the Sun
and Moon appear to be of equal size (though
scientifically we know the Sun is much larger)
indicating from a geocentric perspective they
must be given equal importance in astrological
The Moon due to its magnetic relationship to the Sun is highly influential in terms of personal
magnetism, forming and focusing our needs and desires based upon our subjective links to our
personal and tribal past.  It is said to represent our reigning needs.

For example the Moon in: *
   Aries needs to be number one, to be important   Archetype: The Warrior
   Taurus needs to keep things as they are or are supposed to be   Archetype:  The Builder
   Gemini needs to be bright, clever, informed, intense    Archetype: The Bard
   Cancer needs to be emotionally secure    Archetype: The Mother
   Leo needs to be respected, loved and honored   Archetype:  The King
   Virgo needs to be correct, exact, insightful   Archetype:  The Apprentice
   Libra needs to be appreciated; to be fair, attractive and popular Archetype: The Politician       
   Scorpio needs to be in control, to be regarded as deep, significant, reliable and self sufficient
       Archetype The Detective  
   Sagittarius needs to have ones opinions respected Archetype: The Storyteller
   Capricorn needs to administrate progress  Archetype:  the Administrator
   Aquarius needs to be socially significant, unusual Archetype: The Revolutionary
   Pisces needs to identify the ideal, understand impressions, work with the intangible
       Archetype:  The Mystic        *
Some of the above comes from Noel Tyl's Synthesis & Counseling

The placement of the Moon in the chart, its sign, house placements and aspects show how an
individual acted in a former incarnation that is continuing to influence the present.  The more difficult
aspects of square, quincunx, semi-square, sesqi-square and possibly the conjunction can indicate a
powerful attachment to the past.  These aspects point to unresolved dynamics that will once again be
lived out in the family of origin OR hold influence within a subliminal memory and manifest as a
phobia.   Karmic astrology holds that the house placement of the Moon represents an area of life
where we failed to show enough emotion or empathy in a past lifetime, thus creating an over-
emotionalism or unbalanced approach to those affairs in this lifetime.  The Moon’s house placement
will hold our vulnerablitiy triggers.  

The Lunar Phases
The phase the Moon was in at birth indicates how the present power urges (Sun) are aligning with
the past (Moon).  In other words, how the Moon supports or detracts from the present actualization
of the Solar purpose.  The cyclic process between these two “Lights” is operative within the core
dynamics of the individual.  The phase relationship between the two lights, not just the positions,
must be considered when examining the birth chart and is an important key to personal motivation.
In astrology there are two distinct hemicycles in operation, a waxing hemicycle (from conjunction to
opposition/ Full Moon). a.k.a separating aspect and the waning hemicycle ( from opposition to
conjunction) a.k.a. an applying aspect.
The waxing hemicycle covers the span from New Moon (the conjunction) to the Full Moon
(opposition). A time when the Moon’s light is increasing, symbolizing a spontaneous, instinctual
growth and the active dynamic of building and development.
The waning hemicycle covers the span from the Full Moon (the opposition) to the New Moon
(conjunction) when the Moon’s light is decreasing, symbolizing the release of the meaning and
structures built during the waxing hemicycle with a synthesis into the basic personality of the

The Moon’s Cyclic Phases

·       The New Moon Type (0-45’ ahead of the Sun):  Keyword; Emergence / subjective and impulsive/  
    projection of one’s personal concepts onto the world

·       The Crescent Moon Type (45-90’ ahead of the Sun): Keyword: Assertion / the need to make an
    impression on the world

·       The First Quarter Moon Type (90-135’ ahead of the Sun):  Keyword: Action / the for direct action
    and a  sense of urgency
   The Gibbous Moon Type (135-180’ ahead of the Sun):  Keyword: Expression / questioning and
    searching, a need to contribute to society
   The Full Moon Type (180-135’ behind the Sun):  Keyword:  Fulfillment / objective and fulfillment

·       The Dissemination Type (135—90’ behind the Sun):  Keyword:  Synthesis / assimilative,
    evaluative and  innovative

·       The Third Quarter Moon Type (90-45’ behind the Sun);  Keyword: Reorientation / future
    orientation, inventive and forceful
    The Balsamic Moon Type (less than 45’ behind the Sun): Keyword:  Release / a feeling of destiny
   and the will to sacrifice for the future

Karmic Considerations of the Water Houses- 4th, 8th & 12th
In astrology the water houses are frequently mentioned as the Karmic houses and that planets
located here indicate the lessons that the individual is working on.  The Fourth, Eighth and Twelfth
houses compel us to deal with the debts of former incarnations. (I feel the 6th house should also be
included in this category but since we are dealing with the traditional we will not go into the
implications of the 6th at this time.)  Suffice it to say that the 4th, 8th, and 12th, indicate areas where
we may have to change our mental, emotional, and psychological structures.

The 4th House: This is the house of our family karma, our lineage; it is the foundation that the chart is
built upon and as such also represents the conditions leading to the ending of matters. Planets in
this house signify entering the subconscious and changing past habit and /or lineage patterns

The 8th House:  This is the house of our debts to others and represents our partnership karma.
Planets in this house represent the issues and repressed emotional or legacy dynamics that must be
transformed or that can lead to regeneration.

The 12th House: This is the house of unredeemed karma as well as addictions & collective karma.  It
is also the house of unconscious service.  Planets in this house can signify the ability to enter the
collective conscious and to experience altered states of consciousness.

Possible Past Life Professions For the Signs & Planets
By Ingrid Jeffries

Aries or Mars: Military personnel, the soldier, law enforcement, weapons experts, sportsman,
pioneer, surgeon
Impulsiveness and willfulness may be the cause of past self-undoing

Taurus or Venus:  Artisans, musicians, designers, bankers, accountants, farmers, architects,
merchants, ranchers
Physical comforts and sensual pleasures may be the cause of past self-undoing

Gemini or Mercury:  Teacher, author, messenger, courier, journalist, public speaker, scholar,
salesman, clerks, courier, linguists, bards
Curiosity and irresponsible communication (gossip) may be the cause of past self-undoing

Cancer or the Moon: Patriot, historian, genealogist, chef, homemaker, shopkeeper, landlord,
caretakers, nurses, fishermen, sailors, tavern owners, sea captains
Emotional insecurity and difficulty in releasing old pain and rejection may cause of past self-undoing

Leo or the Sun:  Rulers, royalty, politicians, leaders, entertainers, gamblers, jewelers, theater
owners,  gold mine owners, storytellers
Excessive pride and ego may be causes of past self-undoing

Virgo or Mercury:  Teaching, writing, critic, doctor engineer, craftsman, animal trainer or breeder,
beekeeper, domestic servant, tailor, librarian, healer, herbalist, weavers
Excessive worry, nagging or criticism may be cause of past self-undoing

Libra or Venus: Artist, musician, designer, model, consort, diplomat, attorney, dressmaker, milliner,
juggler, hairdresser
A strong desire for beauty, wealth, or luxury may be cause of past self-undoing

Scorpio or Pluto: Detective, criminologist, revolutionary, chemist, surgeon, psychologist,
archeologist, mortician, cemetery work, spy, psychic
Buried resentments and secret love affairs may be the cause of past self-undoing

Sagittarius or Jupiter: Ministers, philosophers, teachers, explorers, judges, attorneys, horse trainers,
jockeys, bookseller, traders, storytellers
Lofty aspirations and unrealistic expectations may be cause of past self-undoing

Capricorn or Saturn:  Politicians, rulers, government service, public administrator, businessperson,
mathematician, entrepreneur, timekeeper, stone mason
Scandal or public disgrace may be the cause of past self-undoing

Aquarius or Uranus:  Astronomer, scientist, inventor, revolutionary, aviator, lecturer, humanitarian,
astrologer, faith healer
A tendency to be rebellious or disruptive may be the cause of past undoing

Pisces or Neptune:  Poets, musicians, ministers, sailors, artists, monks, hospital and charity workers,
bartenders, fishermen, physicians, astrologer, mystics, hermits
Deception and self pity may be the cause of past self-undoing