As the forces of day and night are now in equilibrium, we remember the warmth and blessings of
the summer months in the food we eat.  To our northern ancestors whose food supply was
dependent on the summer growing season, these months were a reminder of our attunement
with nature and the earth’s bounty.  The Autumnal equinox known as Mabon in the western
European pagan traditions is named for the god of the harvest known as the “Green Man” who
brings us the intoxicating beverages of beer, wine, whiskey, etc that depend on the harvests of
this time of year and the arts of preservation.  The bay tree is considered sacred now as its
magical action is conservation and safeguarding.  The common autumnal festivals of Mabon,
Samhain (Halloween) and Thanksgiving all focus on gratitude.  The most universal tradition is
that of the “Corn Dolly” made from the last sheaf of grain to be harvested.  It was believed that
the spirit of the grain resided in this doll and so it was treated accordingly.
The Full Moon that occurs closest to the Fall equinox was the time when the rites of the
Eleusinian Mysteries were performed.  This Athenian religious festival was held in honor of the
grain and fertility goddess Demeter and her daughterher,  Persephone, the Flower maiden, who
is abducted by the underworld god Hades, to reign as his Queen for the next six months, until her
return at the spring equinox.  The Aries Full Moon will occur on September 26th emphasizing the
dynamic of relationship in all is fascinating forms.  In the planetary alignments of this Moon cycle,
Pluto (a.k.a Hades) is in an aspect of ease to Venus (the Flowermaiden) indicating that changes
of vital importance can be implemented with the spark of desire.  For these 3 ½ days of the Full
Moon cycle creative impulses can run high. Tempers may also be easily ignited.  The focus is on
generating balance in one’s relationship to self and other.  The tendency to go to extremes
during this time is indicated by the Jupiter and Uranus square.  This aspect is at its last quarter
phase indicating that a reorientation of a vision or quest that was born 9 years ago is occurring.  
Does it still kindle a sense of excitement and confidence?  There are many opportunity aspects in
the equinox and full Moon charts.  It is just a matter of deciding which to act upon and that will
depend on your personal objectives.

Mabon -
The Autumnal
By Ingrid Jeffries