The Challenge:  stimulation to new accomplishments without burnout

Element:  Air> logical, conceptual, communicative, interactive
Mode of Operation:  Initiatory, directed, motivated
Archetypes:  Hera ( Roman) , Sarasvati ( Indian) , Freya ( Norse), Venus (Roman)

The new moon in Libra is the time to look at your relationship to self and others for balance /
imbalance, peace / conflict, beauty/ superficiality.  Often times the relationships we draw into
our lives are a mirror of the issues we are working on within ourselves, or are a  validation of
what we have learned or are continuing to grow in  They tend to indicate where adjustment
needs to take place.  Libra ’s placement shows us where we most need serenity, harmony,
appreciation and justice. The new moon in Libra is also the time to safely air your differences
and present your case on  issues of particular importance.  
The challenges offered  when Libra is operating are that you will have a reputation for being
vacillating or indecisive where ever the sign of Libra is positioned in your birth chart.  In reality
you just see all sides of an issue and sometimes have difficulty making a permanent decision.  
Because you understand many points of view you can work as a mediator in negotiations in this
area of your life.  Libra’s placement in our birth chart indicates where we most want to look
good.  This can sometimes create a challenge between pleasing/meeting others personal
needs while remaining true to our own.

Libra Needs and Attitudes: relationship oriented,  sociable, pleasing, mediating, diplomatic,
artistic, poised, refined, vacillating, dependent, overly compromising, superficial, indecisive

Venus As Libra’s Ruler signifies our way of expressing love and companionship.  Venus’
placement, by House, in our chart is key to the activities in life that we particularly value.

Areas of physical strength or weakness:  Kidneys, adrenal, urinary system , sugar metabolism,
the veins.
Libra New Moon

occurs  between Sept. 20-Oct. 22nd
By: Ingrid jeffries

Keywrd;  Balance