The Leo New Moon
July 21st--August 22nd
By: Ingrid Jeffries
Susan Seddon Boulet
The Leo Sun’s radiance is strongest in August, symbolizing its rulership of this sign.  Leo is a sign of
creative certainty and performance.  Whether Leo’s theater is the office or home the heart is engaged in
living vibrantly.  As the King /Queen of the jungle Leo must be recognized.  Recognition and respect are
key for those born into this sign.  Leo being a fixed fire sign is devoted and dedicated, generously willing to
give to any person, project or cause, that touches it’s heart.  For many of us with planets in the fixed signs,
(Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) Saturn’s continued journey through Leo has tested our commitments
and fortitude. Saturn in Leo demands that we face the reality of our heart’s needs and allow it to be the
ultimate authority in our lives.   We must now ask ourselves whether we have created a life that is in
alignment with our authentic self.  Are we the ‘director’ of the ‘show’ we are living or just a player in
someone else’s drama.  

Symbol :  the Lion’s mane
Element:  Fire > spontaneous, stimulated, enthusiastic
Mode of Operation : Fixed/ persevering, sustaining, focused determined

Leo Activities: activities that allow one to experience greater love and play and to open one’s heart chakra,
excitement, drama, childlike joy,  romance, glamour, sports, adventure, theater,
carnivals, speculation, gambling

New Moon: The new moon  in the sign of Leo is the time to look into your heart and
acknowledge the gifts that have been provided.  It is also important to note where one may be blocking the
channels of Love and Joy.  Is there resistance to being the center of attention? Or is someone in your life
claiming it all for themselves? Why?  Where in life are you allowing your ego to create separation and
judgment?  Where in your life could you be more generous in spirit?  Listen to the stories you tell yourself.  
Leo is the sign of the storyteller.  Our  world and the people in it reflect back to us the stories we tell
ourselves.  This is the ideal time to create new life stories containing more fun, laughter, art, inspiration
romance, generosity and community .

Leo’s Needs and Attitudes Are:  expressive, playful, dramatic, exuberant, enthusiastic, focused warm
generous, proud, arrogant boastful, pompous

The Sun as Leo’s Ruler:  is significant to  our  unique  expression of Self.    Our  Sun  sign represents a
way of being  in which we feel more fully alive, creative &  filled with inspiration.

The Challenges Offered In The House Where Leo is Operating:  this is where you will want to be noticed for
your courage, exuberance, nobility and magnanimity.   It is also where you will want to receive recognition
and praise.  In this area of your life you want to shine.  You may even be accused of being a show off here,
though it is really your child like exuberance wanting to come out and play.  Sometimes there is a tendency
to dramatize the area of life that the sign Leo is influencing and to be arrogantly resistant to change.  

Specific the this New Moon:  Mercury planet of communication continues to move in retrograde until Friday
7 / 28.  So contractual and business matters may take longer or experience frustrating snags.  Ultimately a
degree of patience and perseverance will be needed to accomplish many matters of personal importance.  
Opportunities to expand ones awareness through travel or education are favored for all of us.  Political,
spiritual and philosophical affairs continue to be in the spotlight.   

Leo’s Physical Areas of Strength or Weakness:  heart, spinal column, upper back, heat exhaustion,
allergies, toxin sensitivities, drug reactions, feet and toes, equilibrium / balance, insomnia,

Affirmations:  I am the source of  my power,  I illuminate my world,  I am naturally motivated by my heart
center,  Peace begins with me,  I expand my horizons & easily  dissolve limitations,  I recognize my creativity
and honor it,  I create my life each day,  The child within is always worth healing,   I deserve the best in life,  
I rejoice in the love I have to share