Goal Setting Techniques                 

By:  Ingrid Jeffries AAFA
From: The Class Manifesting Your Goals

“To bring anything into your life, first imagine that it is there”.   ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach

The Power of Visualization   Every thought we think is affecting our future. “ I enjoy my
Make Goals Specific
¨         I wish to be financially independent, is not specific
¨         Instead imagine what are the specific conditions that would lead to financial independence
¨         Choose goals you have some control over
¨         For example: a joint checking account can be a disaster for two individuals with
      different financial goals
¨         Choose goals that are only dependent on you
¨         It is a proven fact that whether you imagine an event or actually experience it,
      the same area of the brain lights up
¨         Always take time to explore your possible fears or crosscurrents that can be
      operating in regards to manifesting a goal
¨         Always consider the five main aspects of your life that will be affected by a
      goals attainment---Health, Work, Relationships, Finances, Emotional / Spiritual

The Power of Synchronicity and Magnetism        “ALL is in Divine order”    
¨         Always write your Goals down and place them where you will see them daily
¨         Statistically you will have greater success in progress and will power, if you
       can identify the sacred aspects of you goal.
¨         In other words, “why is this goal spiritually important for me and how will it help others?”

The Power of Will   ‘One of Life’s greatest challenges is turning what you know into what you do.’
¨         Create simple, short-term goals and then set about achieving them.
¨         No matter how intelligent you are, actions do shape destiny.
¨         The purpose of setting short-term goals is to watch the process of attaining your
       goal and to notice the positive effect that this will have on you.  
¨         When you have completed your goal, stop and acknowledge your success.
¨         By including these elements of completion and satisfaction into your goal setting,
       you complete an energy circuit
¨          A general enhancement of your energy field will be felt.
¨         Statistically what you strive for will affect your health

¨        Know yourself: What type of achiever are you?
Earth: Pragmatic and productive, needs tangible results.
Usually very focused on manifesting goals and objectives.  Challenge is adaptability.
Water: Have to feel a deep need, can be motivated by security and fear, easily affected by others
support or lack of.  Challenge is will power.
Fire: Needs to feel inspired and thrilled, needs fairly quick gratification
requires a Vision with short-term immediate pay off that can lead to long term accomplishment.    
Challenge is self-restraint and perseverance.
Air:  Keeps refining and thinking.  They can think themselves in circles and are so focused on
new information that they never act. Challenge is clear purpose and sustained mental stimulation

Assessing Will Power and the way things are
Ø        Be real: denial, blame or escapism will not help you manifest your dreams
Ø        Will power grows stronger with use
Ø        Your sense of purpose as well as your goals and objectives are shaped by
       thousands of factors, including environment, parents, partners, genetics, talents,
       values, circumstances, synchronicity, opportunity and luck.
Ø        Knowing what you want to manifest and acting in alignment with that purpose unleashes
       the force of your will
Ø        Expect obstacles to appear, know that your Will, will be tested.  This is a sign of
       movement and it will lead to refinement of the goal with an infusion of greater energy.

The Power of Attraction and Purpose      ”Thoughts are things choose the good ones.”
¨          When you declare a goal your attention becomes focused, and through this, you create a
       thread that connects you to the realization of that goal.
¨          Always consider how a Goal with support or diminish the five main areas of your life: Health,
       relationships, work, finances, spiritual / emotional well being.  
¨         If no progress is made toward achieving the goal, the thread remains taut and will drain you.
¨         For this reason you want to be careful of how many things you declare as goals at one time.
¨          When there is progress, you feel the sense of power—when there is no progress, you
       feel impotent and drained.
·          Self sabotage is something everyone does to one degree or another
          It is a primary archetype that everyone carries and is called ‘The Saboteur’ dubbed the ‘

      Guardian of Choice' by Carolyn Myss
·          The core issue is fear of inviting change into your life, change that requires responding
       in a positive way to opportunities.  
·          The Saboteur will reflect our fears of taking responsibility for ourselves and what we    
       create.    (it likes to play the blame, denial or escape game)
·          We silence the Saboteur with acts of courage and by following our intuition.
·          It serves us as ‘gut instinct’ and directs us to take action based on hunches rather than
       rational thought.

The Power of Surrender   “I believe in my power to move beyond limitations.”
¨          With long-term goals the same process applies, but requires you to maintain your
       vision through time.
¨         Remember time has its cycles.  There will be a waxing and waning in the intensity of
       your goal as it influences your life.
¨         Completion of long-term goals is one of the basic steps to creating success.

 Long Term Goals
¨         Consider a long term goal for your self-enrichment, such as a special trip or completing
       a course of study
¨         Write it down and place it in a conspicuous place
¨         Empower this goal by envisioning its completion
¨         Do not write it down if you do not intend to follow through

“… conscious change is brought about by the two qualities inherent in consciousness: attention
and intention.  Attention energizes and intention transforms.  Whatever you put your attention on
will grow stronger in your life.  Whatever you take your attention away from will wither,
disintegrate, and disappear.  Intention, on the other hand, triggers transformation of energy and
information.  Intent organizes its own fulfillment.”   Depok Chopra