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Setting Intention at the New Moon
Setting intention at the New Moon allows us to work with our
natural yearly astrological rhythms.  Each month a new area
of life experience presents its opportunities for greater self
expression, accomplishment and understanding.  When we
consciously work with these energies we tap into our
personal flow of life force energies. This class provides you
with your natal chart, personal written notes and handouts on
Lunar Astrology.     Fee: $38

Pre-registration is necessary to have natal chart available.
Class is taught one Saturday monthly in Morrison & Denver   

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The Power of Conscious Creation
                      Manifesting Your Dreams
The power of conscious creation demands that we make a
commitment to the empowerment of oneself through
personal awareness and truth.  Each of us has the wonderful
ability to possess by design and directed intention the life we
want.  This class will provide you with direction, inspiration
and tools that will help you to uncover your deepest desires
while teaching you techniques that facilitate the
manifestation process.  Fee:  $50

        The Dreamers Journey
Our dreams can be a source of tremendous guidance and
inspiration when we learn to interpret them objectively.  
When we listen to our dreams we honor our intuitive self and
strengthen our access to it.  

Learning dream symbolism helps us to access the messages
from our higher consciousness as well as to view the world
in a more objective and receptive manner.  We also look at
your personal dream guides as indicated by your astrological
birth chart to help you better understand your archetypal

In this class you will learn:
*     Key methods to enhance dream recall
*     Methods for dream diagramming
*     Step by step dream analysis
*     Techniques for getting your head out of the way
*     Handouts to help with interpretation and symbolism
*     Ongoing support

Fee: $50.  Pre-registration is greatly appreciated. or call 303 697-8309

 Understanding Tarot Workshop
This class  will  provide you  with  the tools to use and
interpret any conventional tarot deck. These techniques will
allow you to obtain penetrating insights and guidance.  You
will learn about the history, how to choose a deck, rituals and
superstitions, number and suit symbolism, the 22 major
archetype symbols, card layouts and techniques to learn to
trust your intuition.  Work book provided.   
Fee: $125 for workshop.

Astrology:The Interpretational System
This is the next step in astrological interpretation
techniques. Students are expected to understand sign,
planetary, house and aspect symbolism.  We will take our
understanding of the aspects and planets to a deeper and
more sacred level.  Time measurements of Transits,
Secondary Progressions and Solar Arcs will be explored, as
will ruler-ship networks and use of the graphic ephemeris.      
Handouts provided.      Fee:  $250 for course or $55 per class

Synastry: The Astrology of Relationship
This class is designed for the more advanced student.  We
will work with bi-wheels as well as the composite chart.  We
will not only consider the traditional compatibility factors we
also view the charts from a Karmic perspective.  Students
need to be familiar with aspect meanings, planetary
rulerships, sign and house symbolism, as well as comfortable
reading bi and tri-wheel charts.  Work book and handouts
provided.          Fee: $250 for course or $55 each

        Available Upon Request
            Working with the Labyrinth
         Meeting Your Sacred Archetypes
              Manifesting Your Goals
          The Fundamentals of Astrology
             Your Angelic Connections
          Astrology's Karmic Relationships
      Moon Phases in Predictive Astrology

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