Capricorn Moon

New MoonTime of year: Dec 21st—Jan 20th    
Capricorn’s Time of year: Dec 21st—Jan 20th         

Archetypes:   The Sea-goat, Janus, Saturn, Cronos, Pan, Hestia
Element: Earth  > practical, productive, constructive, grounded, concrete, reliable
Mode of Operation: Cardinal, initiatory, motivated, active

The New Moon in Capricorn is the ideal time to consider what you aspire to accomplish in
the coming year.  It is associated with self-mastery, and maturity.   It represents where
one has developed an inner sense of authority, integrity and discipline.  What does
‘success’ mean to you personally, are there out -moded stories or family conditionings
that need to be considered?    This is the time to reflect on past successes and failures,
to note where in our physical structure any frustration or sense of limitation is creating
restriction.  It is through focusing creative energy into the areas where we feel
restricted and limited that we establish a new order.

Capricorn Needs and Attitudes are: self determination, responsibility, authority, respect,
practical, ambitious, sensuous, humorous integrated, success orientated, austere,
isolated, controlled, controlling.  Wherever Capricorn is operating in your chart you will
need to experience authority.  During the Sun and Moons transit of Capricorn we are
most aware of “Time”.
Saturn Capricorn’s ruler is also known as “Father Time” often indicating that projects
initiated now may take the Winter season, (even the whole year) to realize and complete.

Saturn As Capricorn's Ruler:  Represents where in our life we have had to face
frustration and   a sense of limitation in order to accomplish greater mastery.  The
wisdom gained by  successfully meeting the challenges presented allows us to establish
the structures and resources necessary to attain authority, self determination and self
respect.  As a child, Saturn’s placement by sign and house will often indicate the fears or
resentments inherited from the parents.  It can indicate where we have inherited non-
productive stories around ‘success’.  Saturn currently is operating in the sign of self
entitlement and self expression, LEO.  Many of you may find the dynamic of personal self
worth and self confidence surfacing in your life as a spiritual lesson .  You may be tested
in regards to self  love and self respect.   Where ever the sign of Capricorn and Leo are
operating in your birth chart is key to WHERE you must entitle yourself to something
more OR if entitlement is not you issue then be more willing to be generous in honoring

The Challenges Offered Where Capricorn’s Sign is Operating:  Here is where you will
want to be in charge of things.  Others may accuse you of being too controlling in this
area of yourlife, but from your perspective you feel that you are just being organized and
constructive.  This house placement is where you may tend to hold onto historical
precedents, past patterns, and proven systems to achieve success or predictable
results.  You may be given, or feel entitled to a position of authority and respect,
whether deserved or not.  If your ambitions are frustrated you may find yourself
withdrawing and appearing aloof, or rigid.    The lesson of this sign is to remain fluid yet
proper in conduct as well as clear, adaptable, prudent, and wise while maintaining a
sense of humor and community.

Physical Areas of Strength or Weakness:   our skeletal structure, bones, teeth, skin,
knees, arthritis, or chronic conditions.