Cancer New Moon
Cancer's Time of year:  June 21– July 22

Every month, the Sun and Moon travel together over a period of 3 and ½ days,
seeding the energies of a particular sign. This New Moon lunar phase is the time for us
to take the initiative and also plant new seeds symbolically. Each of the twelve New
Moons carry a productive impulse, when we work with the specific energies of the New
Moon we find it easier to accomplish our intentions and goals because we are aligned
with the prevalent planetary energies.

In the west at sunset now you can see the red planet Mars joined with
Saturn, while in the south is the planet of good fortune, Jupiter.

Archetype: The compassionate mother goddesses, Mary, Tara, Kuan Yin,
Inanna, Isis
Element: Water> receptive, intuitive, sensitive, psychic, empathetic, emotional
Mode of Operation: Initiatory, motivated, active

Specific to this New Moon are projects at home or with family that allow for a sharing of
knowledge.   Tolerance and diversity are good words to keep in mind this month as
those within our ‘families’ (birth, professional, or otherwise) seek to express their
security needs or issues in dynamic ways.  Expect a certain amount of drama,
sentimentality and possibly repressed behaviors that affect perceptual clarity. Beware
of impatience on the road, in sports and business.  Mars and Saturn planets extremely
different in nature can lend an element of frustration to the accomplishment of matters
where you have or are investing a lot of energy. At sunset we can see Mars and
Saturn setting after the Sun in the West.
Mercury is retrograde from July 3 through July 28th. This is the time to re-evaluate and
catch up on projects that you have had to put off.  This is generally not a good time to
buy appliances or cars.  Nor is it traditionally considered a good time to sign contracts,
if you must, then read the fine print and try to consider that more information may
come to light when Mercury goes direct.

Cancer Needs and Attitudes are:  provocative, original, intuitive, psychic, emotional,
insightful, caring, protective, nurturing,  fluctuating, dependent, vague, insecure,

Planetary Keywords:  The Moon as ruler of Cancer’s sign is significant to our unique
expression of our  urge to create belonging, unconditional support, as well as our
personality’s reigning needs. Its house placement in our birth chart is where we want  
nurturing, mothering  and to create security.

The Challenges Offered Where Cancer’s Sign is Operating:  The House that the sign
Cancer is influencing is where you’ll want to feel secure and have ‘enough’ for yourself
and others.  You may have a reputation for being overly sensitive, sentimental and
emotional in this area of your life. This is the area of your life where you may not only
tend to express and experience your own feelings but those of the  people around you
too.  This is the area of your life where you are willing to be a giver and caretaker.  You
tend to intuitively know what others seem to need and may sometimes forget to find out
if they want your support or attention.  The challenge is to discover how to remain
secure and nurtured while still organizing your life in a practical, realistic manner that
allows you to feel belonging with others without draining yourself or them.

Physical Areas of Strength or Weakness:   the breasts, stomach, chest cavity, arm pits,
eating patterns or disorders, digestion, irritable bowel syndrome

Activities: Celebrations centered around home and family, inner child work, domestic
honoring of the ancestors,  dream work, swimming, feasting, dancing, drumming,
sentimental movies

Cancer Affirmations:  The point of power is always in the present moment.  Family get-
togethers are opportunities to practice tolerance and compassion.  My heart is my
home.   Everything I need is here.  I create my own security by trusting the process of
life.  What we tend to will tend to us.  I am willing to go beyond my own limitations.