The Aries Solar
By Ingrid Jeffries

“Every wakeful step, every mindful act is the direct path to awakening. “

A total eclipse of the Sun occurs tomorrow morning on March 29th in the fire sign of Aries.  The eclipse
will not be visible to us here in the U.S. but that does not mean that its presence is any less potent.  A
solar eclipse in many traditions is believed to enhance ones karmic acts by 10 million times.  For this
reason in many Asian countries the day of an eclipse (which can only occur at New or Full Moon) is
completely devoted to prayer. Prayers and ritual as well as acts of kindness and /or negativity are
considered more powerful during a solar eclipse. The psycho-spiritual dynamic of this Aries eclipse is
courage, inter-dependence and relationship. The spiritual archetype of Aries is that of the sacred
warrior who through developing courage moves beyond the immobilization of fear into Love.    To do so
demands the development of one’s willpower.  Aries motto is…”Feel the fear and do it anyways.”   
Similar to the Fool card in the Tarot deck, Aries can also play the Reckless Fool or Daredevil, so the
dynamics of patience and discernment are always traits that the sacred warrior must develop.
The Earth’s zodiacal position at this eclipse is in the opposite sign of Libra, the archetype of the Lover
and Peacemaker. The Earth in Libra provides a mirror to the Aries archetype that “no man stands
alone.”  We are at every moment of the day in relationship to someone or something and we have a
choice about our experience.  A keyword for this eclipse is “Alignment.”  In the axis of Aries and Libra
we would ask, who or what are we aligning ourselves with and to remember that every relationship is a
mirror of our relationship to Self. Do your priorities align?  Or are you working at cross-purposes? This
will be most evident during the days and weeks following tomorrow’s eclipse.
Aries as the first sign of the astrological wheel has an inherent need to be first. It is the sign of all
beginnings. Planets placed in this sign often have a driving force of their own to be recognized and
honored. For this reason planets falling in Aries are considered to strive for acknowledgment.
Wherever Aries is placed in your chart is said to be where the soul initiates its activity and will be tested
in regards to courage. *  Each of us carries the Arian and Libran archetypes** within our consciousness.  
Tomorrow’s eclipse phenomena is offering each of us the opportunity to move beyond our fear into
love by taking just one step, by making a conscious decision in the moment to choose the power you
want to be in the world. Generosity brings joy, honesty brings peace.