Angel Lore

Compiled by Ingrid Jeffries

The most extensive information on angels comes out of the Jewish and Islamic traditions.  In the
Christian tradition the Book of Enoch is the main source of angel lore.  Most of today’s information in the
west comes out of Jewish mysticism’s Kabbalah.
Angels are commonly thought of as messengers and facilitators between Heaven (the Divine) and Earth
(Human).  The names of the 72 angels in the Kabbalah’s tradition are the 72 names of God as discerned
from the Bible’s book of Exodus.  These 72 Angels are the inhabitants of the Nine angelic Choirs on the
Tree of life and are what we often refer to as Guardian Angels, Divine Messengers, Emissaries of Light,
Bestowers of Grace and Bringers of Miracles. The nine choirs of angels are distributed between the
seven heavens.   According to this tradition, the 72 Angels are energetic embodiments and vibratory
expressions of the 72 Names, Qualities and Person of the Divine.  They awaken our consciousness to the
presence of the Divine already within us and by partaking of them, we activate aspects of the Divine
within our own humanity.  Each Angelic Energy expresses a specific aspect of Divine Manifestation /Will /
Purpose, Divine Love and Divine Intellect.  While we are said to contain the qualities of 72 Angels in
varying degrees, we have correspondences to particular Angelic Energies according our date and time
of birth, which are our personal “Birth Angels.”
Angels have been described metaphorically, as the step down transformers that decrease the Divine’s
high voltage source so that it can be plugged into the lower voltage receptor, us humans.
Guardian angels are considered the least of the heavenly powers, yet they are the most familiar to us.  
Their heavenly sphere adjoins and even overlaps our material world.  Guardian angels are our personal
ambassadors to the Divine.  World wide the belief that each person is born with at least one guardian
angel spans all traditions.  It is also believed that every nation has its own guardian angel.
Besides Guardian angels, archangels are the ones most familiar to us. Archangels seem to exist on many
levels simultaneously.  They are able to travel through all the heavenly kingdoms from those closest to
the Divine and second closest to our world.  Angels add another dimension to astrology since they are
said to have emanated through the 12 houses of zodiac.

The Archangels and their zodiacal connections:

Michael (Who is as God): is equated with the Sun and Mercury, planetary ruler of the star sign Leo.  
Michael is viewed as the angel who leads the souls who are leaving this world into the next.
Ø        Divine quality: glory and splendor    Color: is orange
Ø        Human quality:  interdependence and vulnerability that fosters collaborations for a greater
combined outcome

Gabriel (God is my strength):is equated with the Moon, planetary ruler of the sign Cancer
Ø        Divine quality: Foundation—balances independence & dependence  
Color is purple
Ø        Human quality: Dance of interdependence between all versions of duality that enable the forms of
life to be created and perpetuated

Raphael (Healer of God): is associated with the star signs of Gemini and Virgo
Ø        Divine quality: Beauty, compassion, harmony—balances mercy and judgement
Color is yellow /gold
Ø        Human qualities:  Balance, Life affirming, Wise Compassion, Light, Warmth

Uriel (Flame of God) a.k.a. Phanuel and Chamuel: is equated with Mars, planetary ruler of Aries and
Ø        Divine qualities: Justice, judgement  and strength
Color is red
Ø        Human qualities:  Discipline, structure, self-determination, focus, boundaries, contraction

Anael a.k.a Haniel: is equated with Venus, planetary ruler of Taurus and Libra
Ø        Divine qualities: Victory, independence, leadership, triumph
Color is green
Ø        Human qualities:  Leadership, confidence, independence, winning, dominating, parenting

Zadkiel (Righteousness of God) a.k.a. Tzadkiel: is equated with Jupiter, planetary ruler of Pisces and
Ø        Divine qualities:  Love and mercy, kindness and compassion
Color is blue
Ø        Human qualities: Lovingkindness, healing, nurturing, receptivity, expansion, forgiveness,

Cassiel (Speed of God) a.k.a. Tzaphkiel: is equated with Saturn, planetary ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius
Ø        Divine quality: Understanding—expression /differentiation of Thought into ideas
Color is black
Ø        Human quality: Individuation, creativity and expression that begins to give form to Thought.  

Metatron ( He who occupies the throne next to God) and Sandalphon are twin angels, the counterparts of
Jehovah and Shekina, the male and female aspects of Divinity  Metarton is associated with Neptune
Ø        Divine quality: Crown, Divine Will—manifestation of the “Undifferentialed / Unknowable oneness
Color is white
Ø        Human quality:  Enlightenment, all-oneness, wholeness, altruism, humility, seed planting and the
beginning of a new cycle

Sandalphon a.k.a. Shekina is the female aspect of the Divine.  She is associated with the Earth.
Ø        Divine quality:  Creation
Color is all colors or sky blue
Ø        Human qualities:  physical manifestation, completion of projects and all forms of creativity, created
things and beings

Much of this information is widely available but some of it has been adopted from
Terah Cox’s book titled ‘Birth Angel” available online.